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Our product line includes bulbs for dentistry, aquarium lighting, bird lighting, reptile lighting, plant & horticulture lighting, home and office lighting and lights for Light therapy(SAD). Having a quality bulb in your business or home can create a better enviroment as well as creating ideal lighting conditions for tasks that require close attention to details.

All life on our planet adapted to and is nourished by light from the sun and sky, a critical balance of visible color and invisible ultraviolet wavelengths.  Over the ages, virtually every living thing developed with the help of Nature's Full Spectrum.  Today most people don't get enough sunlight because they spend so much time indoors. Most lack the understanding of lighting and that there is a significant difference in type and quality of lighting available.

Most lighting in homes, schools, offices, factories, stores, is so bad that many health disorders can be traced to lack of natural lighting.  Natural sunlight and various forms of light therapy can help reestablish the body's natural rythm (circadian-rythm- the body's inner clock) which controls timing of sleep, hormone production, body temperature, and other biological functions.  Disturbances in this rythm can lead to health problems such as depression (SAD--Seasonal Affective Disorder) and sleep disorders.  Light therapy and the use of natural full spectrum lighting such as Vita-Lite are becoming and integral treatment for many related health conditions.

Use Vita-Lite full spectrum light bulbs for general-purpose use in kitchen, bath, recreation rooms, workshops, utility rooms, offices, schools and just about anywhere to create a more natural environment!

Office and Residential Lighting
You Know now people feel better and more cheerful on a sunny day! Well," Vita-Lite is Full-Spectrum natural light." Vita-Lite is enjoyable for working, reading, excercising or relaxing. In fact, studies have shown that people feel more relaxed and less fatigued, see better, and generally find it easier and more satisfying to do things when using Vita-Lite , compared to other fluorescent lights.

Light Therapy
Used in light therapy by doctors and researchers! Vita-Lite is the original, patented full-spectrum light. It's been widely used in important research projects by physicians and health professionals as a therapy light source for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Vita-Lite fluorescents when used properly provide the near perfect lighting at 10,000 lux.

These fluorescents can be installed easily and replace existing ordinary fluorescent bulbs. No special wiring or installation required! Vita-Lite bulbs are now available in new energy saving compact bulbs which screw into ordinary sockets as well as new desk and floor lamp models. (It is recommended when using Light Therapy products to seek the guidence of your health care professional!).

Vita-Light is a high fidelity, white light source that gives a pleasing ambience to your offices, reception rooms, laboratories, clinics, and operating rooms. You use it, as a direct replacement, wherever you use ordinary fluorescent tubes. Vita-Lite pleasing to work under....... pleasant to be under.

The proportioned near ultraviolet emitted by Vita-Lite reveals the fluorescence in natural and prosthetic teeth, enhancing the matching of the prosthesis with natural teeth.Vita-Lite also shows the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity in their true colors.

Plant and Horticultural Lighting
Both Petunia and Marigold plants produced a significantly greater number of flowers when grown from seed under Vita-Lite as compared to cool white and other artificial light sources. Petunias that were raised under Vita-Lite flowered five days earlier.

The most prolific root formation of Cymbidium orchid plantlets grown from tissue culture was under Vita-Lite as compared to other fluorescents.

Several varieties of cacti and succulents, not known to flower under artificial light flowered most successfully under Vita-Lite.

Aquarium Lighting
Lighting the aquarium properly is critical for maintaining a good healthy environment for all its inhabitants in both the fresh and marine aquarium. Good lighting will also make for a more enjoyable viewing pleasure.

Marine and reef lighting
A superior choice in lighting an aquarium is Metal Halide. We carry a full line of Metal Halides from Ushio and Iwasaki, both state of the art manufacturers in the aquatic industry.

Fresh Water and Marine Aquariums

Vita-Lite full-spectrum fluorescents can add the critical, natural ingredient to the aquarium environment:indoor sunshine!

Vita-Lite promotes the life and growth of fish, while maintaining the delicate balance between fish and plant life.

Fish and aquatic plants appear as they would under natural outdoor light--there's no color distortion or cosmetic coloration.

Bird Lighting
The balanced full color and ultraviolent spectrum of Vita-Lite has been shown to contribute to the health, growth, behavior, and breeding of finches and other caged birds.

Vita-Lite enables breeders to regulate the breeding cycles of birds. Chicken breeders and egg farm managers have long known that days lengthened with artificial light will cause hens to lay more eggs.

Vita-Lites excellent color rendering capabilities can help veterinarians, caretakers and hobbyists observe fine shades of color and detail of feathers.

Reptile Lighting
The best choice in quality lighting for enjoying your pet! PQL Solar Brite exotic pet bulb provides an ideal source of heat for all reptiles (may not be appropriate for some mammals, amphibians, or birds.) High UVB out put improves color and overall health, plus more than 5 times the energy of a 24" (20 watt) fluorescent, high UVB bulb.

Vital Lamp spiral great for birds, reptiles and people too.

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