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Dear Ken,

I’m sending this e-mail to let you know how happy I am that I discovered Vita-Lite while I was surfing the web looking for a better way to light my studio. I’m an artist that takes commissions to paint portraits as well as landscapes. Lighting is absolutely critical when I want to match flesh tones, etc.  I purchased your “Full-Spectrum” fluorescent bulbs and after they were installed there was a noticeable difference when working with color.

Since Vita-Lite states your lights are balanced to sunlight at 5500 K I decided to do an experiment of my own. I have a background in photography and 5500 K is balanced lighting. I photographed one of my paintings under natural sunlight using 200 ASA print film and then set up and photographed the same painting in my studio using only Vita-lite fluorescent as my light source.  I actually got a perfect photograph using your fluorescent. The color was right on. The color matched the photograph that I shot using sunlight. The only difference was the outside sunlight left a glare that I didn’t have from the very even Vita lighting in my studio.
Every artist that is concerned about colors and who works with inside lighting should light their studio with Vita-Lites.
A very satisfied customer….Phil Richert



Plant and Horticulture
People aren't the only beneficiaries of full-spectrum lighting. Noreen Cooper, sixth grade teacher and principal of St. Michael's School in Bratleboro, installed Vita-Lites in her basement classrooms and reported that not only were she and her students less lethargic at the end of the day, but her plants had bloomed like never before! "I had tried to grow plants under the old lighting, but in spite of careful watering they died. Under Vita-Lite, they're not only growing, they're thriving!"

Dental Lighting
Comparing translucence and color in a dental lab is a critical task. Slagle-Kaser Ceramics technicians find that Vita-Lite full spectrum lamps provide an ideal lighting enviroment in order to ensure that the patient at the dentist has the correct match.

Light Therapy
NY Times reprint. In studies at New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Dr. Michael Terman a research psychologist who heads the New York study on depression carefully ensures patients are getting proper treatment. In studies, patients are treated by the use of a plastic covered box containing six fluorescent full spectrum bulbs called Vita-Lite that emit 2,500 luxes of light per tube. These bulbs have an intensity equal to outdoor light.

Reptile Lighting 
"We are so pleased with the Mercury Vapor reptile bulbs that we purchased from LIGHBULBKENNY!"  "Our family pet Iguana is now thriving and loves to bask under the light!" Stacey and Mark, New York
Bird Lighting 
"I never knew our African Grey parrot had such beautiful colors!" thanks to Lightbulbkenny, he took the time to explain to me how important Full spectrum lighting is for my bird. I purchased from Lightbulbkenny a floor lamp and now the beautiful colors in the feathers came alive and  my bird looks and feels great!  My Veterinarian told me  I made a good investment!  Sheri, Tucson, AZ.
Aquarium lighting 
When Michael from Los Angeles CA. was frustrated with the thought of  expensive lighting needed to maintain a healthy Aquatic reef tank, he decided to give Lightbulbkenny a call.  "Not only did Lightbulbkenny save me a lot of money on my reef lighting but now i can keep my hard to keep corals alive!, those Ushio metal halides are great!"

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